1. Registration 

    User may visit www.hrmillion.com and click ‘Sign up”.Please provide your flavor subdomain 

   (Company ID),name,email address,Password and contact number. 

2. Login

Figure 2.A Login Screen 

i. Please key in your Company ID. 

ii. login Email Address (or user id if known) and login password.


The default user id for Administrator : Million123qAZ 

- The default password for Staff : Million123456 

iii. Once login, you will see the dashboard’s screen as shown in Figure 2.b.

Figure 2.b E-Leave's Dashboard 

3. General Setup

Figure 3.a General Setup ‘s screen 

i. From side menu, select Setting->General, you will see General Setup’s screen as 

   shown in Figure 3.a. 

ii. Press Save button to save your settings.

4. Maintenance 

Next, we will proceed to create new record for Branch, Department, Category, Leave Code, Leave Table 

and lastly Employee. 

There are methods to import your data : 

A. Import from Excel File (.xlsx) 

B. Synchronize from Million Payroll 

C. Create Manually in E-Leave

Figure 4.a. Import excel’s screen 

i. From side menu, select Import Excel, you will see Import Excel’s screen as shown in 

Figure 4.a

Figure 4.b Template and Guideline in Import Excel’s screen 

i. Press Generate Template Button and ml_importexcel.xlsx will be generated. 

ii. You can refer to Guideline’s tabs as shown in Figure 4.b as reference. 

iii. Press Read XLSX .

Figure 4.c Preview data before import 

iv. System will validate data and result will be shown under Excel 

Import - Preview. Note: 

-System will import New data only. 

-System will update the particular employee’s status to Non-Active in E-LeaVe if such 

employee is missing inside the excel file. 

v. Press Import button and system will redirect back to dashboard after import finish.

4.1. Synchronize from Million Payroll

Figure 4.d User Account Maintenance in Million Payroll

Figure 4.e Million Payroll’s User Account 

i. In Million Payroll, go to System->Administrative Tools->User Account- 

>Admin->Edit. Press Additional Information at the bottom left corner as shown in 

Figure 4.d. 

Ii. Key in your E-Leave’ s authentication 

-login email/user id 

-login password 

-subdomain/company id

Figure 4.f Million Payroll’s Synchronize with E-Leave 

Iii. Go to System->Administrative Tools->Synchronize with E-Leave, tick 

Employee, Branch, Department, Category,LeaVe Tables and Import Employee 

Leave record - Select the payroll month and press OK as shown in Figure 4.f

4.2. Create Manually in E-Leave 

        4.2.1 Create Branch

Figure 4.g Branch Maintenance

Figure 4.h Branch’s modal box 

I. Go to Setting->Branch->Add As shown in figure 4.g, a modal will prompt out. 

II. Key in your branch’s code And branch’s description, press Save button to close the modal

4.2.2  Create Department

Figure 4.i Department’s modal box 

I. Go to Setting->Department->Add, a modal will prompt out. 

II. Key in your department’s code and department’s description, press Save button to 

close the modal.

4.2.3 Create Category

Figure 4.j Category’s modal box

I. Go to Setting->Category->Add, a modal will prompt out. 

II. Key in your category’s code And category’s description, press Save button to close the 


4.2.4 Create Leave Code

Figure 4.k Leave Code’s modal box 

I. Go to Leave->Leave Code->Add, a modal will prompt out. 

II. Key in your leave code and leave description, press Save button to close the modal.

4.2.5 Create Leave Table

Figure 4.I 

Figure 4.l Leave Table Maintenance 

I. Go to Leave->Leave Table->Add, system will direct to new page as shown in figure 4.l 

II. Only header part of leave table will be shown at first, input leave table no and 

description, For body part of leave table will be shown after header part is created.

Figure 4.o

Figure 4.o Leave Table Maintenance 

III. Maintain your leave entitlement line by line, press Submit button to create new record 

IV. Created records will be shown at right side Preview - Leave Table as shown in figure 4.o.

I. Go to Employee->Add, system will direct to new page as shown in figure 4.o. 

II. Key in new employee’s information, press Submit to create new record. 

Note when creating new employee: 

-System will use default password Million123456 if password’s field is blank. 

-Please key in valid Email,as notification & announcement will send thru email to respective 


-Please key in valid Date Join, system will calculate the leave entitlement according to date 


-Whoever Employee Status is set to Non-Active, the particular employee will not be 

able to login into e-Leave, unable to receive email Notification And will be excluded from 

subscription’s employee limit. 

-For management team who wish to receive notification from applier, please ensure that the role is 


Superior(Section 4.4 will further explain about superior maintenance)

4.4 Superior Maintenance

Figure 4.p Superior Maintenance 

i. Go to Employee->Edit particular employee (example: MI)- >Tick ‘Superior’ at Roles->Submit 

ii. Go to Setting->Manage Superior->Add, a modal will prompt out as shown in Figure 4.p. 

iii. Key in superior code, description and link this superior setting to that particular 

employee (example: MI). 

iv. Select your flavor staff(s). These staff(s) ‘s leave request will later Appear in Superior’s 

Dashboard for further action such as Approve /Reject leave and (example: MI) will also 

able to receive notification when ABU Apply leave.

4.5 Multi User leave approval.

1. Setting > Manage Superior

✔ Leave Approval 

-Leave application are automatically routed to superior for approval or reject the 

leave applications. 

✔ Receive Leave notification 

-Superior are alerted when employees submit or amend the leave requests 

Note : Employees must assigned to at least one superior

5.  Employee's Panel

Please complete section 4 before proceed to 5. 

5.1 Login 

Please get login information from your 



Default password is Million123456 if Administrator previously does not update employee’s 


Figure 5.a Employee Dashboard 

I. After login, employee will see dashboard as shown in Figure 5.a 

5.1.1 Change Login’s Password

Figure 5.b View Employee

i. Go to Employee->View->Key in your new  password->Submit. 

Note: Only password’s field is editable.

5.2 Leave Request 

    5.2.1 Employee Apply Leave (Pending Approval)

Figure 5.c Leave Apply Listing

Figure 5.d Apply Leave’s screen 

I. Go to Leave->Leave Apply->Add as shown in figure 5.c, system will direct to new 

page as shown in figure 5.d. 

II. Choose the date by clicking on Calendar. 

III. Select AM to PM for FULL day (AM to AM or PM to PM will consider as HALF 


IV. Input the remark (reason) and attach PDF,JPG, PNG if available. 

V. Once all the information completed, please click on ‘Submit’

Figure 5.e Leave Request in Pending Approval Status 

VI. Your new leaVe request will be shown in listing which is in Pending Approval status. 

Note: You may still able to edit or delete the transaction at this stage.

6. Supervisor’s Panel 

Please complete section 4 before proceed to 6. 

6.1 Login 

Please get login information from your Administrator. 


Default password is Million123456 if administrator previously does not update employee’s password.

Figure 6.a Supervisor Dashboard 

I. After login, supervisor will see dashboard as shown in Figure 6.a. 

II. Ben’s leave request will be shown in Dashboard

6.2 Change Login’s Password

Figure 6.b Employee Listing 


-Superior able to edit Employee’s password who is being assigned under this superior.

6.3 Leave Request

    6.3.1 Approve Leave

Figure 6.c Detail of Leave Approve

i. Go to Dashboard->Under Leave Pending’s panel->Detail or go to Leave- >Leave Approve->Detail. System will direct to new page as shown in figure 6.c. 

ii. Supervisor has 2 options (a.) or (b.) 

(a. ) Approve - Leave Status will change from Pending Approval to Leave Approved (green)

leave balance will be deducted

(b. ) Reject - Leave Status will change from Pending Approval to Leave 

Rejected (red), leaVe balance will remain unchange.

Figure 6.d Reject Leave Request


Figure 7.a Leave Entitlement Report

I. Login in as Administrator. 

II. Go to Report->LeaVe Entitlement Report->Preview

8.Export Leave to Million Payroll

Figure 8.a Million Payroll’s Synchronize with E-Leave.

III. Please complete Section 4.1 first. (Page 5) 

IV. Go to System->Administrative Tools->Synchronize with E-Leave. 

V. Tick Import Employee Leave Records and select the payroll month.

Figure 8.b Million Payroll’s Employee Leave Record

VI. Go to Employee->Leave->Employee Leave Record->Edit Employee. 

VII.You will see the E-Leave transaCtion is being updated to Million Payroll.

9. E-Leave’s status


10. Event

✔ Block employee from applying leave on this day 

■ Each employee are blocked application leave on event day. 

■ However user can go to leave code (Leave > Leave Code) setting for 

employees only apply specified leave on this event day.For example Medical 



E-Claim feature now is available in Million HRM Lite & Million HRM. (web and apps) 

1. To create a new claim type , press ‘add’ (Claim > Claim type > Add) 

2. Input Claim code, description, system allows to set Transaction limit and Annual leave , 0=no 


How to submit Claim? 

1. To create a new claim request ( Claim > Claim listing > add)

2. Input all the information and attached the receipt 

**Attachment can’t be empty

12.E-Appraisal (only available in Web portal only)

1. There are 3 Templates provided 

2. User may also create their own template and choose reviewed by Superior or Employee 

3. Click ‘Send’ to all staff or specific staff , Expired date is optional. 

4. Staff will receive appraisal form ( web portal>my appraisal) and email notification.

13. Schedule & Time clock (Clock in / out)

√User will able to create a schedule for staff follow by different branches or departments.

Date&Time = can’t more than 24 hours


Minumum Overtime ( 00:00 for none, HH:MM ) = Example: 00:15.

if staff clock out at 6:14 pm, 14 minutes will no consider as Overtime 

if staff clock out at 6:30 pm,30 minute swill consider as Overtime (After shift) 

Overtime approval = if staff with this schedule, OT must get approval from superior.

Repeat Schedule 

System allows to repeat schedule by day/week/month/year.


Overview= Allow staff to clock in by web portal (make sure location service is on)

Manage Clock = For admin used only. Admin can edit the time clock (time) for all staff, or add time clock 

manually for staff.

Time Clock Setting = For admin used only, admin will be able to add each branches’s address and set 

minimum distances allowed for staff to clock in/out. 

Overtime Approval = Superior used, To approve staff’s OT.

Last Update (August 2023)