Setup Company Profile   (System -> General Setup -> Company)

Fill in the company general information as :

Payroll Year   : 

Set for Current year Payroll Year


This Month    :  

Set for system calculate Payroll Month

(System -> General Setup -> Transaction)

1.Annual Leave entitlement  à This year work done

Mean : Calculate annual leave based on date join with pro-rate method

Annual Leave entitlement  à Last year work done

Mean : Calculate annual leave after staff contribute within company after 1 year

2.If the joining day of employee over ‘ ‘ day, it will adjust to first day of next month in the leave calculation

Example : Set for over ‘15’ Day, If new join employee when 16th Of Month , the current month wouldn’t provide the Annual leave entitlement.

3.Maximum pay allowed to calculate OT

Mean : Basic salary more than certain amount will based on the setting amount to contribute OT rate

4.Lateness Deduction ratio / No pay Hour deduction ratio

Mean : Minus salary based on ratio rate


à Basic Pay (Gross pay rounding) 

à Net Pay

à Encashment

6.Add ordinary Allowance with month rate

Mean : Basic pay plus fix allowance to calculate bonus

7.Auto Updated the leave of out-of-bound when add a new payroll

Mean : New join staff based on calendar day to calculate salary 

8.Enable Piecework Pay

Mean : Salary pay per piece

(System -> General Setup -> Other)

Person In Charge information will reflect on Human Resource Letters